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Whippets and kids

It's Kimberly from Ballarat. I contacted you six months ago looking for a puppy for my very gentle, sensitive, darling 18-mo-old little boy, Ryan. Ryan and TuffyWe were fortunate enough to get the perfect puppy from the perfect breeder, Ellen Gallagher. She told me that she emailed you a photo of Ryan and his puppy 'Tuffy'. I was so tickled to find it on the Victorian Whippet website photo gallery! We just cannot praise Tuffy or his breed enough from what we've enjoyed of him just in the short time since we got him. Ryan is an uncommonly sensitive, gentle, special little boy, and finding a puppy that could really connect with him in just the right way was an almost impossibly big ask. But we believe no puppy could have done it as perfectly as Tuffy, and certainly no breed other than the Whippet could have come close. I recently took Tuffy to the vet to be desexed, and brought Ryan along.

Ryan and TuffyTuffy was terribly nervous being in the clinic, and the only place he was willing to be for every minute of the half hour we wandered around the clinic before his surgery was pressed up against Ryan, while Ryan continually stroked Tuffy's side. No one could call or pull Tuffy away from Ryan on his lead, he had to be picked up and carried away! This, of course, caused Ryan to run after Tuffy from room to room wherever they carried Tuffy. Ryan and Tuffy This can only be the start of a lifelong unbreakable bond and enduring love between them. My husband and I continue to be so moved every day by the incredible bond that little boy and his puppy share. It's deeply heartwarming to witness. I thought I'd send you a couple more photos, just in case you have more room in your photo gallery, or any other use for them! (Note: Ryan MUST suck his left index finger whenever cuddling Tuffy as, evidently, Tuffy serves as Ryan's favourite security blanket)! Kindest Regards, Kimberly Berlyn

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