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Ned's Story

On a cold, wet and stormy day at the end of July dear old Ned’s life changed forever. Unfortunately a tradesman left the front door open and Ned took fright and escaped. As the Phillips family frantically searched for him, their first contact was a florist in the main road who said she had seen him being hit by a car but he kept on running.

Bruce and Jenny rang around the usual places to no avail so with the help of the City of Glen Eira’s Ranger, Kate, they started their desperate search. Their first sighting was his coat that must have been ripped from his body, eventually falling off. They were out all night with Kate searching too, which was truly wonderful. Eventually, some 19 hours later, the weather still wet and windy, an electrician found Ned shivering and scared out of his wits on a deserted verandah. He was rushed to the nearest Vet at Caulfield South. Miraculously, he had no broken bones but had sustained a horrendous skin injury down the front of his chest and legs. In fact, if it hadn’t been for his coat he would have been literally skinned alive. The Vet sent digital photos to the University to get their opinion. I saw that first picture and it wasn’t for the faint hearted. It looked as if he had been through an inferno. Bruce has kept me up to date with his progress and in himself he has really bounced back quickly, drinking and eating and doing all the normal "doggie" things but there is still this terrible wound with no skin. The Vet has taken his case on as a personal challenge and everyday has been a slow step forward. Gradually the skin is coming across and he is having treatment and his bandages changed twice weekly to prepare the skin for grafts. He is looking pretty cute in his specially tailored body suit. Didn't you see him at the Champ Show?

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