Lily and Dusty

A bonded pair of 3.5 year old Whippet crosses in VIC. Meet Lily and Dusty a very happy pair who LOVE playing with their tennis ball. Both are very smart and may possibly be suitable for flyball, and/or agility. Both will benefit from regular exercise. They are listed as Whippet/Kelpie cross. Both have lived with a child and loved their company. Their Dad (owner) has a very strong bond with them and the decision to rehome them has been incredibly hard.

Good with children: Yes. Over 5 years would be best. •    

Good on lead: Can pull, but do settle down •   

Good with other dogs: Yes •    

Good in the car: Yes •      

Cats, fluffies, livestock: Have not been around them.  •

Preydrive: Low to Moderate •  

Fencing required: Yes. Good fencing needed however they are not jumpers or diggers •   

Recall: Very good •

Phobias: Dusty does not like loud sudden noises, fireworks and 14h 20+ storms. Lily also does not like fireworks or storms but both are ok when they sit with you. • 

Barkers: Alert barkers or when dogs bark at them or through the fence. Very easy to redirect or distract them from this behaviour. •

Housetrained: Yes. They have not used a dog door before, but will let you know when they want to go outside. •  

Microchipped (9530 1000 1781 948 & 9530 1000 1781 904), vaccinated, wormed.   

Dusty is desexed and Lily is scheduled for desexing. •     Interstate adoption: Yes but transport is at the adopters expense.      If you are an active home, they are dogs who would love to be part of your family. Regular exercise will benefit both dogs and their new owner(s). Should you be interested in adopting this beautiful pair, please email me at  simonjennifer@bigpond.com

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Our greatest passion is to help whippets in need.  If you know of a whippet in need or need help to re-home a whippet to a new caring home for any reason contact Jennifer, on mobile 0438 371544 or email at simonjennifer@bigpond.com

From time to time adults do become available from registered breeders.

They won’t necessarily appear on this page.  Please contact me on either 03 9725 0486 or raemitch@hotkey.net.au  as I am usually made aware of what dogs are around or may be coming up soon.

But also please consider the fact that these dogs have been born into the company of other whippets and with this in mind they really must in most cases go to homes where there is another dog present for company. Remember they have never been alone in their lives.

Rae Mitchelson



Our greatest passion is to help whippets in need.  If you know of a whippet in need or need help to re-home a whippet to a new caring home for any reason contact Jennifer at simonjennifer@bigpond.com

Jennifer may be aware of rescues needing homes before they make it to this page.

Jennifer Gough Mobile 0438 371544 - simonjennifer@bigpond.com

ACT & NSW team member: Gina Wyatt 02 6287 4145 -jadeitejewel@yahoo.com.au

South Australian Team Member: Nadine Rumball  0408 084 405 - luvwhippets@gmail.com


Italian Greyhound Rescue http://www.iggyrescue.com.au/

WA Whippet Rescue Kasey Wookey  wawhippetrescue@hotmail.com or mobile: 0400153 611

QLD Whippet Club: Sue Spencer 07 55715441  or  0407 735242 suespencer@iprimus.com.au

Before you proceed, please read these FAQ's:

 Each whippet listing has specific contact details if you are interested

  • These are the only whippets available that we know about

  • We have no other information about these whippets

  • Please only contact our team members in emergencies or if you have spotted a whippet

Interested in Fostering?

In dire emergencies, we will foster needy whippets. We foster dogs only as a last resort - interim homes are always stressful for dogs.

Fostering is an amazing opportunity to offer a needy whippet the chance of a new life. Your interim care is the only way many whippets can continue to be much loved pets, and keeps whippets out of pounds where possible. We have successfully used many amazing foster homes over the years, and most people love the experience. You can also meet the new homes for your dogs, share your knowledge and 'see them through'.

Please keep in mind though that:

  • Fostered whippets are NEVER house trained. Even the house trained ones will pee in your house for a week.

  • We cannot guarantee how long you will be fostering them. It has always been less than two weeks, but it could be months.

  • Fostered whippets come with no or little history. They may not be good with your cats or toddlers or antique toy collection. While we do not foster or rehome known aggressive or destructive dogs, most of our fostered whippets come with no history.

  • Fostered whippets desperately need your TLC. They probably have fleas, worms, are filthy - they come 'warts an' all'.

  • Fostered whippets will never be able to arrive at your house on Wednesday after you finish work, because you have Thursday off and that's best for you. We avoid moving our dogs as much as possible, so we drive our fostered dogs straight to their foster home and will not move them until we find a permanent home.

  • Fostered whippets arrive on Christmas eve, your birthday and other unsocial occasions.

We cannot guarantee that your foster dog will be female, over 3 years old or any other characteristic. While we try to match foster dogs to you, given the circumstances, we prefer homes that are able to take all sorts.

If you are still interested and able to foster a dog, and would like to go on a list of foster homes, please email Jennifer at simonjennifer@bigpond.com and let us know. We are always grateful for the help. Fostering is very rare, and you free to say no if a dog is needy at an awkward time, but it is good to have as many foster options as possible.