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Kissy Cruz

“This lovely letter came from Julia Wurf written of course by Cruz”

Hello again, Jen and Paige,

I am having a great time and growing like you wouldn’t believe. They say I’m getting really heavy to carry around now and I got a new, bigger outside coat the other day as the first one is too small already.

I go on lots of car trips and usually a walk on the lead at some stage. I like walking on the beach and we have been up the hill and down the cliff path at Mornington a couple of times. I like the big park at Hastings too. We usually start by walking along the path at the shoreline and then come back through the park on the grass where I find all sorts of lovely smells, sticks and THINGS. They reckon I make walking a bit hard though because I keep running in front of them and tying the lead around their legs , or a tree – it really is great fun!!!!

Thanks for the news about my sisters in Canberra, I was so excited to hear they have done so well. Not sure that I’d like showing though, I think it’s probably more fun at the park. I’ve sent a couple of photos of me trying to be show dog, but don’t think I’m much good at it. Not enough practice I guess. That’s about all for now. Hope I don’t get you into trouble sending these to work!

Lots of nice wet licks to everyone, Cruz

I like to get really comfortable on her lap at night. She’s not even doing cross-stitch at the moment!  However they wonder how I can be comfy with my head hanging down like this!

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