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These are our three animals, Billy the three year old Whippet, Anna the three year old Greyhound and Coco the six year old Birman cat. We have had the dogs since they were pups and have progressed from puppy school up through the obedience clubs to reach a good standard of obedience. Not always easy when training the sighthound group of dogs, who sometimes require a different approach from other dogs. They were temperament tested by Dogs Victoria to qualify for Pet Therapy dogs, both demonstrating a calm, friendly manner , unfazed by sudden noise or people crowding them. They have represented Dogs Victoria at several busy Pet Expo’s, coping well with the noise and constant patting from all  ages and sizes of the general public.

Animal Assisted TherapyBoth dogs have taken part in a study by Monash University, representing Animal Assisted Therapy, in comparison to other therapies in aged care. This was quite intensive work with small groups of residents, the dogs having to demonstrate a good level of obedience and some entertaining tricks, as well as being calm whilst being groomed and petted.

Anna, the Greyhound has just gained her obedience title of Community Companion Dog CCD, whilst Billy the Whippet seems to enjoy the more active sport of Agility. Coco, the cat is with an animal acting agency and has become a cast member of the television series “Neighbours”. All the animals enjoy being together, Coco often going out for walks with the dogs in her harness. I think we are very lucky to have three wonderful animals, and I’m sure in their various roles they bring pleasure to other people as well.

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