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Diva & Bonnie’s Story

Hello, my name is Sheryl. I have 2 whippets. They were rehomes from a lady in Malmsbury. They are mother and daughter. I have always loved the whippet but was reluctant to ever get one as people would try and put me off them by saying that they are a very nervous and timid dog. I ended up getting a pure bred toy poodle instead named Lily. I absolutely adored her. I lost her last July after 15 wonderful years. About 3 months before she passed, I started to look into getting a whippet. An opportunity came along to get my little blue/cream brindle girl whippet called Diva who was already about 15 months old.

I drove up to Malmsbury with one of my good friends. I was very excited and apprehensive at the same time. When we arrived I remember seeing this little whippet with a rope lead sitting on her owner’s knee outside the bakery in the main street. She looked so scared and unsure. She was shaking and I was thinking what have I done!!. This dog had only known country life. I thought she is never going to settle into suburbia. I live in a two storey townhouse in Chelsea Heights. She had never been in a car. I asked the lady could I walk with Diva up the street so I could see what she was like. So off we went, I told Diva that if she came with me she would have an owner that was devoted, loving and would take care of her for the rest of her life. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Although she is a little bit timid sometimes, she has blended into my family sooooooo well. I can't believe I waited so long to ever get a whippet. They are simply the most divine dogs.

Although I only work part time, I thought Diva needed another dog for company. Another lady who is a friend of mine and Diva's previous owner mentioned to me that Diva's mother also needed to be rehomed. She told me that she was a beautiful natured dog. So off I went again. This time as the owner was coming to the city for a concert, we decided to do the dog meeting at Rod Laver Arena. I fell in love with Bonnie instantly. It is like she has been a part of my life forever. She is so loyal and beautifully natured. Her and Diva get along famously. They love each other so much. I thought Diva would be my sooky, needy girl, but it turns out that it's Bonnie (the mum). She loves everyone, but I am definitely her world lol. My girls are living the life here with me and my family. They sleep under the Doona in our bed, they have a heated blanket in their doggy bed, they are smothered daily in smooches and cuddles and they even have their own Facebook page. Sheryl Amendola

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