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Aussie Post Story from Clancy & Connor!!

As some of our Whippet friends know, Connor and I have returned to live in the deep and rather chilly South. We were really feeling the cold wet winter in Gippsland and our Annie decided that what we needed was double fleece snugly warm coats. Our Annie called Auntie Rae, who called Auntie Ilona who made us really lovely coats to snuggle in! We were so excited when we got the little card left in the letter box to say there was a parcel for us at the post office! We had never had a parcel actually addressed to us before! Next morning we drove down into Moe and Annie parked the house on wheels quite close to the Post Office and off she went to get our parcel. I think Annie had better tell you the rest.

Well, as Clancy woofs, off I went to the Post Office but when I went in my blood ran cold, ‘She’ was on the counter. You see since returning to Victoria from NT via 4 months in Tasmania I had ordered a couple of items on line for the dogs and as they were parcels they had to be collected, but my driving licence was still the NT one and showed my Darwin address, with of course my photo and my full name. But ‘She’ would not allow me to collect any of my parcels unless my friend with whom I was staying was with me, despite the fact the licence with photo proved who I was!

After the 2nd time this happened I came to the conclusion that this woman had harboured desires to join ASIO or maybe the Dept. of Immigration and had been rejected! I waited my turn in the queue and presented the card to her, she went to the back and returned with the parcel...’this parcel is not for you, Mr Clancy and Mr Connor will have to come in and collect it’, I drew breath to explain but on second thoughts realised she was probably not the sort of person who would understand Whippets having parcels sent to them, so simply told her I would be back in a moment with Messer’s Clancy and Connor. In a minute or two the two gentlemen Whippets and I marched up to the counter and asked for the parcel again, the look on the woman’s face was priceless, especially as I tendered their registration papers by way of ID, along with the fact they were wearing their name tag collars! We got our parcel! I think Australia Post must have a very large Red Tape account. Annie, Clancy and Connor – who are now temporarily resident in Lockwood, near Bendigo.

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