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Chris's story

Chris Parmody is a local resident of Wodonga who is well known to the community. Chris and his beloved fawn whippet Suzie, could be seen any day of the week around the streets of Wodonga. Chris and Suzie were certainly a popular pair! Chris suffers with an acquired brain injury, and Suzie was his constant companion of 10 years trotting along either beside Chris’s motorised scooter, or walking quietly beside Chris when he would venture out for a short walk. I would often see Chris when I was walking my own whippets, and they all enjoyed having a play together. To see Chris and Suzie together would warm up even the coldest heart. Chris was so devoted to his dog and she clearly adored him! In a cruel twist of fate, Suzie died when a car hit her on the street during a storm. I had called into my local vets to book in my dogs for their vaccinations and heard the very sad news that Chris had lost his whippet. Naomi Lynch from the Family Vet Centre asked if I could find him another whippet. By the time I returned home I had had an email from Narelle Robinson and Greg Jennings from Ray White Real Estate in Wodonga with the same request, and an offer to pay for the new whippet. Family Vet Centre were happy to assist with some of the Vet bills associated with a new puppy After numerous phone calls, emails, and calls to friends in the whippet community we had still not had much luck as there seemed to be a definite shortage of female puppies available.  Rae Mitchelson from Whippet rescue was also working tirelessly to help us locate one.  We eventually contacted Lorraine Downing and Donna Pollock who turned out to be our saviours!  They made a beautiful little girl available for us to acquire for Chris! They had also generously given Chris a collar and lead and a soft crate for his new whippet, and had the puppy microchipped as well! Greg and Narelle were going to Melbourne to a conference and picked up Chris’s new ‘Suzie’. They phoned me and said that they would be home around 8.30 that evening and we should all meet at Chris’s home to deliver the new arrival. My granddaughter Paige came along as well. There was much excitement as Greg and Narelle came up the road with their lights on full beam, tooting the horn.  Chris walked out his front door just as they pulled into his driveway, his hands were shaking and he had a grin from ear to ear as soon as he spotted his new puppy.  The look of sheer joy on his face is something I will never forget. Paige and I looked across at Greg and Narelle, and between the five of us, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!!! Paige commented that it was a very special moment and she was glad she could be there to see how some simple acts of kindness could make someone’s life so much happier. The puppy and Chris immediately bonded, and the puppy draped herself round Chris’s neck and promptly fell asleep! I tend to get the feeling that the puppy stayed around his neck all night! We also presented Chris with some ‘goodies’ for his new puppy…new toys, dog beds, shampoo etc. Chris was very emotional, and extremely grateful to all of the people who helped to mend his broken heart. I have seen Chris and his puppy since that night, and they certainly bring a smile to your face. The new Suzie has settled in very well, and is much loved. Not by Chris’s cat however, Suzie keeps pinching the cat’s toys! ( typical whippet!)…other than that they get on quite well !! Chris and his mother Judy would like to say thanks to all those people who helped to make Chris’s life happy again. I would also like to extend special thanks to Lorraine Downing, Donna Pollock, Greg Jennings, Narelle Robinson, Family Vet Centre and Rae Mitchelson, with out whose help this would not have been possible. It really is a shame that all those involved were not there to see how much joy was bought back to Chris’s life, but believe me…. it was one of life’s special moments! Jen Johnson

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